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The wealth of information on Reddit is essentially endless — but it’s like trying to drink from a firehose.

It’s way too much information, all over the place, updating in realtime.

How do you use this data?

Well, from an Agency Owner’s perspective you should be mining it for competitive intelligence and product and service ideas.

The process starts with you first identifying the SubReddits where 1) your competitors are hanging out and engaging in discussions, and 2) where you target audience (or potential clients) are hanging out.

Then you want to grab all the posts and all the comments, and parse through them for nuggets of insight and direction.

But copying and pasting all of that information sounds like a nightmare — why just scrape it all into a neatly organized Google Sheet instead?

What a good idea.

Introducing The Google Sheets Reddit Scraper

This simple, yet powerful tool lets you scrape individual SubReddit’s for Top Posts (up to 50 at a time) and all corresponding comments. It then pulls all of this text, time-stamped, into neatly organized columns in Google Sheets – complete with links to the source posts on Reddit.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. IMPORTANT Watch the video – it’s ~3 minutes
  2. Use the native Reddit menu to set your SubReddit of choice
  3. Go click “Scrape Now”
  4. In about 10 seconds it will populate your sheet with results
  5. Copy and paste into new sheets, rinse and repeat

Important Note

You will need to authorize the custom script to run within your copy of the Google Sheet.

You will know this when you go to run the script the first time and are greeted with this message:

Click Advanced > Proceed, then you will need to click Allow

This is just to authorize a custom script to be run within Google App Scripts, you are not giving me permission or access to ANYTHING.

Happy Scraping.

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